Artist Statement

David Urso’s Jewelry collection has always been inspired by the classic beauty and golden richness of antiquity.
Picture yourself wandering the halls and lavish rooms of the Metropolitan Museum of Art where visitors of today’s contemporary world come face to face with with the artistry of the world’s great ancient civilizations.    This is David’s unique style – the opulence of the ancient mixed with the clean lines of modernity.
Imagine the masterful craftsmanship of a Greek coin, the majesty of a Roman sword, the sparkle of garnet embedded in medieval reliquary, chunks of colorful turquoise set into a glittering Egyptian collar, and the elegant deco lines of a Gustav Kimt painting.
This is inspiration.
Form, color, texture.   Reworked, refreshed, and recreated as new.
 Always timeless, always familiar and yet surprising.   This is the Urso Jewelry Collection.